Intuitive Coaching & Guidance


 I see the LIGHT in you, which will call forth your Authentic Self and Divine Purpose. The LIGHT I shine I you will allow the false self and false beliefs to fall away and make room for your True-self to rise up!


Are you ready to focus on YOU and live a life of awareness, consciousness and mindfulness?

Have you seen people around you living a healthy, peaceful, passionate and happy life? Yes it is possible and that can also be your state of being each and every day. I am an expert in mind-body-soul detoxification and awakening your authentic self, I can help you reconnect to your true-self.

Throughout life we pick up negative patterns and heavy emotions that block us from finding our “Soul’s purpose”; which creates stagnate energy that either leaves us stuck or too confused. Thus we struggle on ascending to the “next level” in our personal, professional, or even spiritual life.  Intuitive Coaching is an amazing  program I offer to my clients that allows us both to “sift” through the blockages (low vibration) and reconnect with the Soul (our true-self and purpose). I am an Empath, Intuitive and Divine Chanel, thus I am able to connect to your Soul purpose (theme) and redirect/guide you into alignment with your Soul Purpose. When you align with your Soul Purpose you awaken more passion, joy, love, abundance, and prosperity in your life.

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During the session we discuss what struggles and challenges you are experiencing and what “goals” you are wanting to obtain for yourself. Through the intimate soul connection I am able to intuitively sense the “root” of the struggles which allows me to determine the best tools for you to immediately add to your day to day routine.  With the Intuitive Coaching and self-work you will begin to come out of the struggle and re-align with Soul’s purpose.

When you are aligned with your Soul’s purpose and living from your Higher-self, you will be living a spirit-filled life of bliss, wholeness, peace, and confidence.

Reasons clients seek out “Intuitive Coaching”

  • Release negative patterns or people in their life
  • Obtain goals that they have been repeatedly struggling with
  • To gain clarity
  • Release struggle
  • Reconnect with their true-self
  • Awaken their passion

I have coached many people, assisting them in aligning with their True purpose, becoming comfortable and excited living from their Authentic-self; thus gracefully allowing their false-self to fall away. I coach many children that are experiencing depression and even suicidal thoughts (hopelessness, anger, rage, etc), and by shining my Light on them, they begin to see their own Light and become renewed and energized again. Sometimes children need to be inspired and empowered to breakthrough their false self and false beliefs to fully awaken their authentic self. It takes a village to raise a child, and I am honored to be a member of that village for your child.  -Dana Massat