Time To Reflect And Create Your Vision For 2018!

Time To Reflect And Create Your Vision For 2018!

by Dana Massat, December 31, 2017
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I am not talking about that car you have been eye balling on the Mercedes Holiday commercial, or the necklace you walk by every time you go to the mall that you put on your Holiday shopping list. I am talking about what are you lacking emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

There are these moments where everything is quiet outside of us, but our soul becomes as noisy as a riot. What is our soul starving for? What are we not feeding our Highest Selves? When was the last time you focused on Self-care?

We are approaching 2018, a new year, our traditional time of making new goals and resolutions. Now is a great time to focus on YOU and release what is holding you back.

Image result for create your visionWhat are you ready to Manifest & what steps are you taking to get there? Are you addressing the conscious-self and subconscious-self when you are releasing old patterns, negative thoughts, trauma and etc?

Resolutions”; what they want to change about themselves as they embrace a new year. A New Year to many represents “New Beginnings”, “Clean Slate”, “New Opportunities”. Since there is a collective energy that supports this, it is a great time to reflect, turn inward, and shed the layers that are holding you back from your living your “Full Potential”.I am here to hold sacred healing space for your releasing, healing, integration’s and transitions.

The end of the year is such an important time for me. Its the time of the year my sons were born and also the time of year I do my annual “Reflect and Revision” ritual.My sons and I create a vision board each December by placing pictures of physical manifestations we desire as well as emotional manifestations. Have you ever seen a picture and felt the joy or love and said, “I WANT TO FEEL THAT!!” Well cut that picture out and paste it on your vision board now! We place the vision board in an area of our home where we will all pass by it multiple times a day. And since I am obsessed with Feng Shui, we move the board to different places throughout the year to keep the energy flowing and fresh.

We take our vision board and we actually peel off the photos of the manifestations we have obtained and we burn them in a gratitude ceremony. This is such a fun process, because you forget what you have placed on the board and you get so excited as you begin realized how much you have manifested throughout the year. My son placed a photo of these sneakers on the board and as we begun our “reflection” process, he realized he manifested the exact pair of sneakers that year. We were both stunned they were the exact pair, because he father purchased the shoes without his knowing. This part of the process will surely remind you of your MAGIC and reawaken your children’s magic.


Using the same vision board we begin to add new photos of our desires; this includes traveling, family, socializing, career, home, material items, education, relationships, and feelings. I remember a year (or two) ago I wanted to place some energy on my love life and on the back of our family vision board I add a photo of a couple cuddled up together while sitting on a grassy plain. The feeling it gave me was warmth, simplicity, peace, safety, and love; and that is when I said “I WANT THAT!” This is an important aspect to add to your vision board, photos that give you the “feelings” you are seeking to awaken in you. Have fun!

Blessings to you and yours, 
Dana Massat

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