Soul Clearing - 30 Day Program

A bootcamp for your Mind-Body-Soul

Time to clear those stuck energies that are keeping us low and open up for abundance and manifestation of our Higher-selves for 2018! Many times our Ego’s goals and intentions supersede our Higher-self’s goals and intentions, which means we are constantly get reared off our Soul’s journey, facing blocks, set-backs and experiencing similar negative events over and over. A Soul Clearing is a great healing modality that works with training the Ego to operate like your Higher-self, as well as integrating the Ego and Higher-self to work as one.

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Many people are experiencing intense transformation. Old issues, negative patterns, and heavy emotions are coming to the surface quickly for releasing. Relationships that no longer serve your “Highest Being and Soul Purpose” are crumbling and exploding with intention of making room for High Vibrational Soul partnerships. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing because of the intense manner in with the old energies are releasing from you.

During this intense process of self transformation and SOUL AWAKENING, a Soul Clearing is a great process that will help cleanse and purify your soul of any low vibration that is holding you back.

Sometimes our Ego’s goals and intentions supersede our Higher-self’s goals and intentions, which means we are constantly facing blocks, set-backs and experiencing repeated negative events. A Soul Clearing is a great healing modality that works with integrating the Ego and Higher-self to work as one.

The Process

2016-08-26-14-29-29-311Many souls experience carrying the weight of the world, carrying a heaviness that has transferred over from parallel lifetimes, karma, or carrying low vibrational family energy or entities passed down through the generations. Many souls are often unknowingly holding onto these low vibrational energies (Miasms) which have attached at different points throughout their life, and which hold them back from living in a higher vibration.

A soul clearing is where I tap into the clients energy field daily for 30 days with assistance from Divine guides, Ascended Masters, and the client’s spirit guides with the intention of ascending the clients vibrational state of being. When I ascend the client’s vibrational state of being, it can release and heal physical aliments, addictions, negative thoughts and patterns, releasing karma and soul agreements that no longer serve the highest potential of the client, low vibration, blockages from aligning with your Soul Purpose, deep seeded emotions, and any dark energies or entities that have attached to the client. 

What to Expect

  • A daily ritual is performed through remote healing for 30 days with intention of releasing low vibration and clearing space for manifestation
  • During the 30 day Soul Clearing, you will receive month long support from Dana Massat consisting of: spiritual guidance,  life coaching, shifting of thoughts and belief systems, intuitive messages, tools to further your self-work, and answers to your questions.
  • You may feel moments of “heaviness” as the low vibrational energies are leaving. You may feel moments of “lightness and bliss” as the Divine energy is being infused.

Many Clients experience relief and healing from the following:

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Repeating old patterns
  • Feeling stuck/constricted
  • Relationship issues
  • Addiction
  • Conversion and Somatic symptom disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Lack of Self-love/ Unworthiness
  • Lack of Spiritual Growth


I have successfully assisted in many healings and clearings for over a decade now, but I realized I was missing an important aspect of my process. What I noticed overtime with my clients and myself, that due to the programming of our Brain (from family energetics, society, our environment, & etc) we tend to revert back to old negative patterns and behaviors even after we have healed and released many aspects of ourselves and traumas.

The reason why we revert back to old patterns is the physical and emotional body may have released and healed and trauma but the Brain (mental) has not. The Brain, until you reprogram it, you will attract whatever beliefs are programmed into your Brain. For example, if you picked up a belief system from your family that tells you, “I am not lovable, I am not worthy”, you will still attract people and experiences into your life that reflects that belief. With E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), we are able to Reprogram the Brain by implementing new belief systems into every part of your being (Mental, Physical and Emotional).

Hear from those that have experienced a Soul Clearing...

Do you need permission to perform a soul clearing for another person?

No. If you want to have a soul clearing done on someone you know, you do not have to get permission. This is a controversial topic, but my stance is that we are working for the “Good of mankind.” Our intention is pure, to ascend souls so we can live in a higher vibration as one. Once the soul clearing is complete for this person and low vibration is removed from this soul, that person then has “free will” to join the light or to rejoin the darkness. I always call upon the angels to carry this person’s soul to the light and fill them with the light so the darkness doesn’t reattach to their soul. We all have “free will” and if it is this person’s wish or journey is to rejoin or reattach to the darkness, I only have the ability to keep clearing their soul, in hopes something will shift and they will choose to stay in the light.