Sample Journey #2

by Dana Massat, May 9, 2014

As soon as I connected with Sara’s energy I saw her in distress and there was this cloth energetically wrapped around her neck so tightly! I placed my hand around her neck and used yellow energy to soften the cloth and I began to unravel the cloth from her neck. I knew in my heart this was connected to another lifetime, so I opened space for the lifetime to come through. As I unraveled the cloth from Sara’s neck, her breathing got a little better. I placed my hand on her heart and I placed her hand on my heart. I had Sara follow my breath, to release her panic and fear and come back to her center. This took a good 20 minutes to bring her to a healthy balance of breath.

I called in Angels to assist in this healing process; I felt we need extra assistance for Sara. I had the Angel focus on her throat releasing any blockages and illness. Then I had them focus on her whole being and raise her vibration. At the end I asked them to place protection on her as well as be with her for the next couple weeks to continue to raise her vibration and shift old patterns so she will not re-enter this state in the future.

I started to see the lifetime that I was beginning to feel in the beginning on the session. I saw that you were her mother and she was your daughter in this lifetime as well (it was just the two of you). In this lifetime you were a witch (witches were healers) and you were an amazing healer, but you had to live your life in secret. Many witches that lived in your village stopped healing and helping others because they feared for their life (for good reason). You had such a big heart and there was no way you could turn away people that were in need. You continued to heal and help others in the village and you did it very discretely. Unfortunately it wasn’t discrete enough and eventually the village’s top officials that were seeking out witches to hang them, found you and your daughter. They came into your home at night and tied up you and your daughter very tightly. It was very dark outside and very late in the evening; they took you and Sara to the woods. This was not typical for a witch hanging because usually the hanging of the witches would be done during the day (sometimes in the evening) but it would always be done in front of the entire village. They took both you and Sara and hung you at the same time. Fortunately the death was quick, but the trauma was immense and overwhelming! The reason why they hung you both in private was because Sara was the first child they hung and they weren’t sure how the village would react so they did it in secret.

This is a very intense lifetime, but I can understand why it came through now and what the connections are to your lifetime now. This lifetime is significant for both you and Sara for the following reasons. You go into the feelings of panic, stress, fear and anxiety quite often in connection with your family and this is why – this lifetime. Your family became endangered because of your gifts/profession and in a sense you are feeling the same way now. When your children are sick, you go into strong feelings of panic, worry and fear (similar to what you would experience in this witch lifetime). When we experience trauma in other lifetimes, if we experience a feelings that vibrates a similar way in our current lifetime, our feelings will become heightened and connect to our previous lifetimes- thus making the situation bigger and more dramatic. (It might be easier to explain this over the phone).

In connection to Sara, this lifetime is significant because she was so young when she was murdered in this lifetime; so her safety, her voice and her life was taken away from her so abruptly. This creates fear, anxiety, panic, distrust, and more for her for this lifetime since those feelings were not healed in her previous lifetime. This is a lot of information, so we can definitely process this at a later time and go deeper into this because it is an important piece of information for the two of you.

I went back to Sara’s throat and heart and continued intense healing for those areas. The Angels did a wonderful job releasing the blockages and healing her wounds. I was always releasing the trauma from the witch lifetime from her mind-body-soul so she would no longer have to relive or reconnect with that lifetime in that way. I moved up to her crown chakra as well to release the trauma and infuse her with positive thoughts and beliefs.

At the end of the session I brought Sara to a beautiful waterfall and I cleansed her and hand her breath in the fresh air that surrounded us. I used the water to cleanse her mind-body-soul completely, releasing any toxins and bring her back to balance. I kept Sara in this beautiful and pure nature place to continue her healing through the evening and purify her lungs, chest and heart even more.