Sample Journey #1

by Dana Massat, May 9, 2014

As I connected with your energy I was called to surround you in pink light, which symbolizes unconditional love. As I surrounded you in this energy, your body was shaking and any low vibrational (fears, anxiety, and etc.) were leaving your body. I was also called to work on your Solar Plexus (stomach) and I was releasing these old emotions that were being projected onto your current life, but they were so old they didn’t resonate or belong to the present situation. There was a little resistance, so I kept filling you with love and slowly the emotions released.

I was called to work on your crown and third eye, and the intention was to bring clarity to you, as well as strengthen your intuition. A lot of smoky energy started to leave that area, and it symbolized old limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, trauma, and low vibrational energy. I was patient and sat up at your crown for a abut 15 minutes, ensuring everything that no longer served your highest good was released. It is time for ascension!

At this point I brought in crystal blue energy to fill your crown and third eye with, to completely cleanse and raise the vibration of that area. Your mind felt very light and clear at this point. I called in Angels for assistance and I asked them to infuse you with Divine belief systems, positive thoughts and high vibrational energy. They started to infuse you with their golden energy and your body started to shake a little as the infusion was taking place. This process also connected deeply with your spirit guides, your Divine and Oneness.

I moved down to your heart chakra and that area was a bit caved in, and your shoulders were pointed up instead of released and back. I took your arms and started to unwind them to relax your shoulders and release whatever energy was living in your shoulders that were guarding your heart. You greatly enjoyed the unwinding, it was giving you a huge sense of freedom and new found flexibility. I could see the low vibration leaving your shoulders and arms and when I felt the process was complete, I placed your arms by your side and I knew it was time to work on your heart.

I placed one hand on top of your heart and one hand on the back of your heart. You immediately started to cry and your were releasing all the pain, trauma and low vibration you have experienced in this lifetime. This was a much needed release and you were surrendering to the process beautifully.

For the remainder of the session, I filled you with unconditional love and focused on raised your vibration and connecting you deeply with yourself. So in every moment you are living through your authentic-self and you are showing yourself impeccable self-love.