Moving from a Victim mindset to EMPOWERMENT!

by Dana Massat, August 2, 2017

A victim mindset is created typically when a person is dis-empowered, maybe through a traumatic event, experience or a victim mind-set can be passed down from generation to generation. Yes some people are comfortable in victim energy, and are not interested in ascending out of it. This is clear when a person chooses to be dis-empowered and even when a moment of confidence or empowerment is offered or taught to them, they turn their cheek and return to the victim mentality. Belief systems and family energetic are strong, thus for a person to release the victim mind-set, they have to feel the fire inside themselves to ascend from it. To shift from victim to empowered- it takes constant work and a daily dedication to live their best life!

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The victim and the predator. The predator and victim are actually two energies that are attracted to each other. WHAT? YES! The predator even subconsciously is seeking a victim to manipulate and control, and the victim even subconsciously is seeking a predator to control and victimize them. Every energy we feed has a direct reaction in the Universe, for example if we are empowering ourselves we will attract people into our life that empower us! If we are dis-empowering ourselves, we will attract people and situations that feed that.

It takes effort to step out of the victim mind-set and into empowerment and confidence because victim energy is well supported in our society and by many family systems, thus beliefs systems and unhealthy patterns have been created to support and feed this lifestyle. It takes that inner fire and knowing that you DESERVE MORE to release the victim energy and connect you to your Authentic Empowered Divine self! Daily you would have to remind yourself of your truth: I AM Divine, I AM confident, I AM gifted, I AM healed, I AM high vibrational, I AM supported and loved by healthy and high vibrational souls, I AM worthy, I AM perfect, I AM loved and etc.

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During this process of moving from a Victim mind-set to EMPOWERMENT, you have to reset most of your patterns, thoughts, beliefs and people in your life. You have to have the strength and will to release those from your life that are supporting your victim mindset or set very strong and healthy boundaries to support your growth into Empowerment. Your mind will want to sway you back to the victim mindset because that is it’s comfort-zone until the shift of Empowerment has been fully integrated,. With that said, you will have to fight the “fight” in the beginning; when your mind is telling you, “You are not worthy, you are not good enough, you will always be used, abused, and taken advantaged of”… you will have to speak your knew truth and actively LIVE your new truth.


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