New MOON Special!! March 17th NEW MOON in Pisces The most Powerful Healing New Moon of the Year.

by Dana Massat, March 13, 2018

NEW MOON special! $50 for 30 mins or $75 for an hour. The New Moon is a time to infuse yourself with the highest vibrational energies and thoughts, also a time to set new goals & aspirations! This special is good till the end of March 2018!! 

Ascension Therapy cane be done in-person or remote; it is a form of energy healing with the intention of ascending the client’s vibration and awakening their Divinity (Divine purpose and true-essence).

I channel in the Ascended Masters to infuse the client with Divine light. Through this process of infusing the client with Divine light and increasing their vibration, any low vibrational energies, entities, or Miasms are released. While the client’s vibration is increasing, the client typically feels an intense tingling sensation and may feel mild electric currents flowing through their body.

When I ascend the client’s vibrational state of being, it can release and heal physical aliments, addictions, negative thoughts and patterns, releasing karma and soul agreements that no longer serve the highest potential of the client, low vibration, blockages from aligning with your Soul Purpose, deep seeded emotions, and any dark energies or entities that have attached to the client.

Related imageAscension therapy will also release low vibrational symptoms, which include: depression, anxiety attacks, lack of clarity, schizophrenia, negative behavior patterns, slow or no personal and spiritual growth, repeated “accidents”, migraines, addiction, painful past injury sites, overall feelings of being held back or “possessed”, repeated negative situations, and more.


  • Increase your vibration
  • Reach new levels of spirituality
  • Remove energetic blocks
  • Align and connect you with your divinity
  • Release physical ailments
  • Align you on your divine path
  • Ease Ascension symptoms
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March 17th NEW MOON in Pisces
The most Powerful Healing New Moon of the Year.During this new moon we will likely notice we feel pulled toward others in the hope that they will do the work for us and validate our irrational thoughts and feelings, even though it would benefit us more if we worked on self-love and self-acceptance as a way of calming our ego.

When our ego is out of control our mind creates chaotic circumstances, and if we believe all the drama going on in our head, what starts off quietly in our internal world quickly manifests into the external world in a disorderly and dysfunctional way.

Chiron is here to support our personal growth so that we shift from wounded, pain-filled beings into free-spirited, light-hearted, carefree souls, purely through the realisation and fearless self-acceptance that our shadowy dark side—that we keep hidden—is nothing to feel scared of or ashamed about. We can reach in and hold out a hand to our inner child that has sat in the darkness tortured by abandonment and rejection. Slowly we can gain the trust of the parts of ourselves that we have pushed away and dismissed, and we can offer an unconditionally loving embrace to show that we accept each part of ourselves; the dark, the light, and every shade in between.
The moment we shine a light on darkness the darkness dissipates, and it is then that we see how beautiful our shadow aspects are and that, despite how many insecurities, issues, or problems we perceive ourselves to have, they are what makes each one of us breathtakingly human, and there truly is nothing to fear at all.

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