Guided Meditations for all Ages!

Better focus, More creativity, Less anxiety, Better Memory, More compassion, Less stress

Meditations for Kids

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Bubble Meditation, created with the intention of releasing any “icky” feelings the child has taken on throughout their day. This meditation will not only release the icky feelings (sadness, heaviness, anger, disappointment, fustration, and etc), but it will balance their emotional,spiritual, physical, and mental being and awaken their joyous state, which is the state you want to be in right before you enter the “dream state”.

Chitra Sukhu’s Guided Meditation for Children (below)


Meditations for Teenagers 

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Releasing tension (fighting with mom) by Nilla Simpson



Meditations for Adults

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Balancing the Ego-self with your Soul (your true-self). This meditation was created with the intention of releasing the negative aspects of the ego and AWAKENING your soul, your true-self.

Grounding. As you work with your “Red” Root Chakra energy, this meditation will assist in Grounding you in your physical being.

Divine Partner. This meditation is an evolved way to meet your Divine Partner on the Soul Plane or evolve your current relationship with your Divine Partner on the soul plane.

Releasing the Human Ego by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

“Without Ego” Guided Meditation by innerspacemeditation

The Nature of Awareness– Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Guided Meditation for Beginners by Joy Kingsborough

Angel Guided Meditations