Shamanic Journey Healing

Dana Massat’s MOST Sought after therapy!

Shamanic Journey Healing is a form of “Remote Healing” which is a combination of energy healing and intuitive guidance. A Shamanic Journey is a great tool that connects the conscious and subconscious worlds and can awaken healing, answers, knowledge, and wisdom. I compose the entire journey which will provide insight and awareness to possibly: your career, romantic life, blind spots, physical health and more (see below). Shamanic Journey work consists of releasing the client from low vibration at a mind, body and soul level. Releasing karma, low vibration, negative behaviors, deep seeded emotions, and any blockages that is hindering the client from moving forward in their journey.



  • Increase your vibration
  • Reach new levels of spirituality
  • Remove energetic blocks
  • Ease Ascension Symptoms
  • Align and connect you with your divinity
  • Release physical and emotional ailments
  • Balance in the emotional and physical body
  • Gain of clarity
  • Insight and awareness on “blind spots”
  • Positive change in behavior patterns, thus leasing to improvements in relationships and quality of life
  • Awakened and align with Soul purpose
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear
  • Release trauma & PTSD
  • Integration of EGO and Higher-self
  • Improved sense of well-being, peace, and happiness

Typically clients are intending on bringing awareness to the following:

  • Career (Business relationships)
  • Life purpose
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Blockages and Blind spots
  • Physical health
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Desire to Ascend/Align with Oneness


Hear from those that have experienced a Shamanic Journey...

With my extensive training, experience, and natural gifts I am able to offer my services to anyone in the World. I am grateful that I have the ability to perform remote healing to all that need and request it. -Dana Massat

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Shamanic Integrative Healing that awakens healing, clarity and insight to further your journey of self-work and awareness.

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What to Expect and how to Prepare

Variations of Sessions:

  • Physical: unwinding bones and muscles back into their original position of divine alignment
  • Mind: releasing old belief systems, negative or obsessive thoughts, and/or opening your crown chakra so you can work on allowing spirit to lead your life
  • Soul: releasing karmic energies holding you back and other lifetime trauma that is affecting you in the here and now.
  • Miasmic: releasing low vibrational energies (Miasm energy) that is causing you to resist a higher vibration of living
  • Shamanic Journey: traveling through parallel lifetimes

What to expect during the session: During the session, I will be in a meditative and trance-like state and you will be preferably laying in a quiet place where there will be no interruptions or a sleep state . Once you I enter your energy field, I allow my higher-self to connect with your higher-self, the Ascended Masters, Divine guides, and Spirit guides; we both surrender and allow the journey of healing to begin. As I connect with your energy I will be guided on where the energetic blocks, trauma, and illness are in your body. I will work with intention, light, crystals, and guides to perform the healing needed. I will compose the entire journey for you so you can use the information to continue your self-work.

Preparation for the session:

  • Communication prior to session to discuss any struggles or low vibration they are experiencing
  • Client sets an intention
  • Client will lay in quiet place with no distractions

An example of an intention would be “Releasing the energy of hopelessness from my being and raising my vibration to experience more of my inner power.” Setting an intention with any type of energy work is very important because your intention guides and supports the process.