Are you a healthy friend or energetic vampire!

Are you a healthy friend or energetic vampire!

by Dana Massat, August 3, 2017

How do you treat yourself? Every relationship you have outside of yourself is a reflection of how you treat yourself; Image result for negative friendsevery relationship is a mirror reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Do you quiet yourself and listen to your inner wisdom, God, Universe, Source or Divine? Do you focus on self-care, taking time to treat yourself, tend to your needs, nurture yourself, have fun, relax, try something new, laugh, and feed your body with whole foods, and feed your mind with high vibrational information?

When you take care of your own needs, you become whole thus when you connect with others you will not be a “so called” energetic vampire, needy, or draining. When you are whole and balanced, you experience more fun, bliss, laughter, lightness, and joy with your friends. If you notice that you are heavy or negative when you are out with your friends (which should be a time of connection and joy) you are not tending to your needs properly.

Yes friends are great people to share your issues and challenging life events with, but ultimately you have to use your inner wisdom and possibly professional advice to sift through the madness and make the best choice for you. The answer to a challenging situation varies from person to person, because each person reacts differently to situations and what they accept and reject varies as well. You have to ask yourself what do I want out of my friendships? If you answer is more joy, bliss, peace, laughter, adventure, freedom, etc… then use your time wisely when you are with your friends. If you want more joy, infuse the conversation with joy, not negativity and drama. If you have a heavy topic to discuss, take a few moments to discuss it and move on and let it go!

If you are unsure if you are a energetic vampire, be an observer to your life for a moment. If you notice you are loosing your friends, that may be an indication you are not practicing joy in your friendships or operating in equal exchange relationships. When you are out with your friends, notice the topics that you choose (are they negative or positive), are you infusing joy into your friends, are you being a good listener or are you taking up most of the conversation? Don’t judge yourself, just observe and then keep making shifts to becoming a better listener, infusing more joy into your friends, and embrace the beautiful healthy flow of friendship.

People are attracted to LIGHT, when you radiate joy and love that is LIGHT, which means you will easily attract high vibrational people into your life by just shining your LIGHT. If you are being negative and constantly in struggle or drama, you are not shining your light, which means you are engulfed in darkness and High Vibrational people are not attracted to the darkness, it is draining and almost repelling to them.


Written by Dana Massat


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