30-Day Grounding Program for Star Children

Many Star Children experience most of their life “out of body” because of their strong
spiritual connection. They are wired differently and they feel everything that is existing and flowing in their environment, and all in the same moment. This will cause the child to
travel outside their physical body more often then in their body, which can slow down their physical growth. By physical growth, you may notice the following symptoms from your child:
  • loss of balance
  • repeated accidents
  • speech delay
  • constant day dreaming
  • sense that they are unaware of their physical surroundings
  • occupational delays
  • processing delays
  • missing “milestones” per National Standards

What to expect:

  • I will perform a daily ritual with intention to ground the Star Children into their physical body through remote healing
  • I will connect to the child’s energy field with intention to ground the child into their body, as well as integrating and balancing their mind, body and soul. I will also focus on any specific challenges the child is facing (mental, emotional or physical) with intention to release, rebalance and integrate.

Benefits of the Grounding Program

  • New sense of balance
  • Clarity and focus
  • Increased sense of grounding in their body and the Earth plane
  • Improved processing and physical response/reaction
  • Healing of physical developmental issues
  • Improved social skills and confidence
  • Increased awareness

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I have worked with many children that are experiencing depression and even suicidal thoughts (hopelessness, anger, rage, etc), and by shining my Light on them, they begin to see their own Light and become renewed and energized again. Sometimes children need to be inspired and empowered to breakthrough their false self and false beliefs to fully awaken their authentic self. It takes a village to raise a child, and I am honored to be a member of that village for your child.  -Dana Massat

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