Gifted Children

by Dana Massat, July 24, 2012

How children can benefit from CranioSacral Therapy (energy healing)

By Dana Massat

B.S.,C.S.T.,M.R.T, Energy Healer and Divine Channel


It takes a village to raise a child. Therefore as a family, a parent partnership or as a single parent, you should not be left alone to be “everything” for your child; there isn’t enough energy in a single person to do so.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally one person cannot be “all parts, all persons, all personalities” for our child, that is why the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Children are born into this world very open and vulnerable; therefore they are very susceptible to absorbing other’s emotions into their emotional body. We are taught in this world to hold tight and contain our emotions instead of releasing them, therefore our children follow suit and begin to hold tight and contain their emotions and absorb the emotions they come into contact with in their environment. When children and even adults begin to contain their emotions instead of releasing them, it causes distress and dis-ease in the physical, emotional, and mental body. The stress that is placed on the body can create aliments and issues, for example: digestive issues, tics, ADHD, ADD, Autism, body jerks, tourettes, depression, anxiety, OCD, negative behaviors, relationship issues, & more

How the “Old World” views our gifted children

Society unfortunately doesn’t view our “Gifted Children” as gifted, they chastise, shame, label, and try to fix our “Gifted Children”, when there is nothing to be fixed. Our “Gifted Children” enter this world perfect and it’s the world we live in that needs major adjusting. Our “Gifted Children” enter this world and are very sensitive to emotions (their own and others), their environment, food, and etc. When the world sends them energy of shame, indifference, negativity, and etc, those energies are internalized by the children, thus increasing the symptoms of digestive issues, tics, ADHD, ADD, Autism, body jerks, tourrettes, depression, anxiety, OCD, negative behaviors, relationship issues, & more. If we could just remove the shame, judgment, indifference and etc, we would only have to look deep inside our child and see what the “true issue” is. For example, a child that has ADD or ADHD, is caused most times by the environment they live in which is unbalanced for them (unstable, hectic, traumatic, and so on), thus if we can make positive changes in the child’s environment, most likely you will see positive shifts in their behavior. These “Gifted Children” are entering Mother Earth to increase our awareness, making us as a society drop and dig deeper to find solutions and cures, not band aids. When a child is acting out, we shouldn’t shame them or make them feel bad, we need to send them compassion and love and understand, a child is a result of their environment. As a parent myself, I have a practice of checking in with myself when I notice behavioral shifts in my children; I check in see where I am out of alignment in my life (stress, carrying heavy emotions, impatience, and etc). This is a very challenging experience for a parent, but in the end it is humbling and will save your family from much distress and obstacles.

A “New World” is being birthed, your child is of a “new evolution”, and thus there are new rules

I am sure you have noticed within the past decade the rates of child “emotional disorders” are on the rise. From children needing so called “special” therapies, education, diet, & etc, my true belief and a belief of many, is there is a “new evolution” of children entering our world forcing a “New World” to be created. Many of these gifted children of the new evolution are requiring the “Old World” to make significant adjustments to the school system, from the food we eat to  requiring parents to seek out alternative holistic therapy and healing because the medical model is not enough or has rejected their child. The medical model has its place, but there is a huge imbalance and dependency on the medical model. We so quickly turn to the medical model for healing and we forget about our body’s natural ability to heal; we seek out the “quick fix”. This is allowing a “New World”, a better more natural world, to be created to benefit our children, us, and our future generations. We have lost sight throughout the evolution of humans on what truly matters and we have disconnected from Mother Earth and we are heavy stimulated and distracted to even notice how hectic and unstable the world has become.

How I will work with your gifted child

I am passionate about spreading the healing around the world and the children are seeds of Mother Earth. I am here to assist and teach them how to grow strong roots of their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental bodies. I will use my intuitive healing gifts and CranioSacral techniques to release any trauma or blockages in their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental bodies. Typically your child will release by yawning, coughing, physical and emotional releases. Once the low vibration has released from their body and the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical bodies are in their natural alignment, I will teach your child and you tools that you can use to release emotions, restrictions, and blockages from the body and shift old behaviors and patterns.

My journey

I am an intuitive energy healer and CranioSacral therapist that works with ONENESS energy, unconditional love, and awakening divinity in others. I work on a soul level, as well as a physical and emotional level. I assist in my clients healing process by releasing low vibrational energies, and physical and emotional illnesses; the healing process takes place in the mind, body, and soul. I started my healing journey as a young adult watching my father, Don Massat, a shaman and teacher, a pioneer of alternative healing modalities. My father is the founder of “Sacred Journey Institute” in Tinley Park, a training school of CranioSacral, where I completed my training and I spent some time as an assist teacher. Now I shifted my teaching gifts into my sessions with my clients, with a compassionate heart I show my clients techniques they can do at home to self-heal and how to shift out of old patterns and release the blocks in their life.

After I completed my training I spent three years working in a Psychotherapist’s office, working with clients that suffered from trauma, emotional distress, anxiety, addictions, suicide & etc. The results of combining the talk therapy with the energy therapy was amazing and I saw dramatic shifts quickly by combining the two modalities. This led me to expand the healing work even more, shifting fully into my own practice.

I see clients of all ages and my unconditional love creates a safe place for the client to soften, allowing the physical and the mind to step aside. As the mind and physical softens, I am able to connect with the client’s heart and soul and infuse the client with Divine love and light, thus releasing any low vibration that is holding the client back causing symptoms of trauma, emotional distress, anxiety, negative behaviors, & etc. Many clients when they leave an energy session from me they leave feeling, joyous, light, free, content, & peaceful.

My passion is working with the “Gifted Children”

I have always had a special passion working with our “gifted children”, reawakening their natural healing flow and teaching them to strengthen their gifts. I have two sons myself, whom are my spiritual teachers and have strengthened my gifts with working with children through my own parental experiences. Children are open- hearted by nature, all they need is to feel safe and loved and the healing begins right away. I am an assist teacher at the Sacred Journey Institute and I currently teach the Gifted Children’s class; which is a class designed to teach adults how to understand and learn how to strengthen the miraculous gifts these children have! I am currently in the process of formulating short classes for Children to re-awaken their magical essence and strengthen their amazing gifts!

My intention

I am a real person whom has awakened her spiritual healing gifts and I express them through energy healing. I have a passion and calling to spread the healing around the world and to awaken the healing gifts in others. We are all born natural healers, but in many of us, our gifts lay hidden inside of us because the world we live in does not facilitate the growth of our natural gifts. We are taught to conform and we are trained to be a certain way that suits the needs of the “external” world; we are pulled away from our “inner-self or inner-world”. We all have the ability to heal, ourselves and others; all we need is to be shown how to “tap” into our gifts.


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