Corporate Counseling

by Dana Massat, November 11, 2014

Corporate Counseling


  • $100 and hour (must be compensated for traveling time)
  • Location: Travel to business location or via Skype

Many businesses and corporations experience a plateau which is usually caused by lack of innovation, negative business choices or patterns, people or teams not able to productively work together, or reoccurring conflict and obstacles.
What I do is I analyze and observe the business, it’s processes, it’s people and the energy that is supporting the business. A business is a creation thus it has to be nurtured and fed to grow and flourish. What are you feeding your business? What are your employees feeding the business?

It is easy to get off track and loose focus; especially when we still have to manage our day-to-day lives outside of the office. Many times employees are negatively affected by their personal lives thus creating negativity at work. When a negative environment is created at the office, it will trigger and create more negativity and the business will suffer. Just as we cleanse and self-heal ourselves we need to do the same to our businesses, projects, and environment.

The Process: The business owner will provide me with a summary of the history of the business (including the successful and unsuccessful moments, the processes and procedures (what’s working and what’s not), and I will meet with each employee individually (the one’s that are relevant per the business owner)and I will meet with everyone as a team. Team building is an important element to the process; creating a safe environment for the employees to voice their issues and concerns.

successful-meetingsI assist individuals to create a harmonized awareness of themselves on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels of being, and provide tools and knowledge that enable personal growth and spiritual evolution in a balanced and positive manner. 

My mission is to help my clients find and use the tools they need to journey along their own path of personal discovery, growth, and evolution; and to assist them in navigating past any difficulties that they may encounter along the way.