Up To $100 Off!! Self-Work Summertime Specials With Dana Massat

by Dana Massat, August 8, 2017
It’s that time of year!
Self-work Summertime Specials with Dana Massat
Specials run now till end of August 2017!

Dana Massat

‘The Healers’ Healer’
‘The Modern Day Shaman’

Be Inspired.        Be Healed.

$20 off ONLY $80
Shamanic Journey Healing Sessions

Dana Massat’s MOST Sought after therapy! 

Shamanic Journey work consists of releasing the client from low vibration at a mind, body and soul level. Releasing karma, low vibration, negative behaviors, deep seeded emotions, and any blockages that is hindering the client from moving forward in their journey. As I connect with your energy I will be guided on where the energetic blocks, trauma, and illness are in your body. I will work with intention, light, crystals, and guides to perform the healing needed. I will compose the entire journey for the client so they can use the information to continue their self-work.

$100 off ONLY $400
Integration of the Ego & Higher-self with Brain Reprogramming
This is a 30-day Program that will assist in integrating your Ego and your High-self along with Brain Reprogramming. I have successfully assisted in healings and clearings for years now, but I realized I was missing an important aspect of my process. What I noticed overtime with my clients and myself, that due to the programming of our Brain (from family energetics, society, our environment, & etc) we tend to revert back to old negative patterns and behaviors even after we have healed and released many aspects of ourselves and traumas.

The reason why we revert back to old patterns is the physical and emotional body may have released and healed and trauma but the Brain (mental) has not. The Brain, until you reprogram it, you will attract whatever beliefs are programmed into your Brain. For example, if you picked up a belief system from your family that tells you, “I am not loveable, I am not worthy”, you will still attract people and experiences into your life that reflects that belief. With E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), we are able to Reprogram the Brain by implementing new belief systems into every part of your being (Mental, Physical and Emotional).

$25 off ONLY $75 (1hr)
Chakra Balancingchakras

 Benefits of Chakra Balancing
  • Releasing blockages in the body and spirit
  • Releasing trauma and low vibration
  • Aligning the body back to a state of balanced health
  • Awaken new found energy from the chakras
  • Reach new levels of spirituality

A session consists of energy balancing and healing focused on each of the 7 Chakras:

Depending on where the in-balance is within the 7 Chakras and what releasing and healing is needed will determine the flow of the session. The session is done with strong intuition and energy healing (very light touch of the body). During most sessions the client will feel heaviness leaving the body, heating and cooling sensations, and bursts of energy flowing through the body.

$20 off, ONLY $55
Entity & Family Energetic Release
This is a specific ceremonial release focused on entities or family energetics that are connected to more than one soul. My experience with this type of work is usually a dark, low vibrational energy, entity, or entities that have attached themselves to a family or a collection of souls that have parallel life connections.

I channel in the Ascended Masters to infuse the client with Divine light and hold sacred and protective space during the ceremony. I use my sacred and holy tools (crystals, rattles, sacred geometry, sage, frankincense, essential oils, candles, etc) to raise the vibration of the clients and release anything them them and their family lineage that is holding them back in life or wreaking havoc on their life.

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Contact & Location

P: 708-703-1791
E: dana@ascendyoursoul.com

14475 John Humphrey Dr STE I, Orland Park IL 60462

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