Time to clear those stuck energies that are keeping us low! Invite in abundance and manifestation of our Higher-selves for 2018!

Ask yourself: What patterns are you repeating, what are you resisting, what is holding you back, what are you attracting that you do not want, what do you truly desire, what energies are you feeding yourself & the Universe to manifest your desires, what’s your daily spiritual practice & self-care?

Free yourself Today & Live your best life!

Are you feeling Ascension Symptoms? Are you ready to align with your Divine Purpose?


Awakening Mindfulness in your everyday life; your thoughts, behaviors, reactions, and patterns starts the process to healing and living a High Vibrational Life.

Raise your Vibration

"Children deserve to be seen and heard, not put in a box." -Dana Massat

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"Chicago-based in-person and remote sessions"
CrainoSacral Therapy<br />
Neuro-Therapy<br />
Grounding Program<br />
Soul Clearing<br />
Remote Healing<br />
Shamanic Journey<br />
Intuitive Coaching & Guidance

Children's Services

CrainoSacral Therapy
Grounding Program
Soul Clearing
Remote Healing
Shamanic Journey
Intuitive Coaching & Guidance

CranioSacral Therapy<br />
Brain Reprogramming<br />
E.F.T<br />
Neuro-Therapy<br />
Chakra Balancing<br />
Intuitive Life Coaching<br />
Ascension Therapy

Adult Healing Services

CranioSacral Therapy
Brain Reprogramming
Chakra Balancing
Intuitive Life Coaching
Ascension Therapy

Shamanic Journey Healing<br />
Soul Clearing Program<br />
21 Day Programs<br />
Ascension Therapy<br />
Entity & Energetic Family Release<br />
Chakra Balancing<br />
Intuitive Life Coaching

Remote Healing Services

Shamanic Journey Healing
Soul Clearing Program
21 Day Programs
Ascension Therapy
Entity & Energetic Family Release
Chakra Balancing
Intuitive Life Coaching

A journey of ascension is a journey of self discovery and self-work; I am on this journey for eternity, we are all in this together and I will take your hand and help you with yours.
Dana Massat "Founder of Ascend Your Soul


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