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"Children deserve to be seen and heard, not put in a box." -Dana Massat

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Awakening Mindfulness in your everyday life; your thoughts, behaviors, reactions, and patterns starts the process to healing and living a High Vibrational Life.

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How will a Soul Clearing benefit me?
Many people are experiencing intense transformation. Old issues, negative patterns, and heavy emotions are coming to the surface quickly for releasing. Relationships that no longer serve your “Highest Being and Soul Purpose” are crumbling and exploding with intention of making room for High Vibrational Soul partnerships. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing because of the intense manner in with the old energies are releasing from you. During this intense process of self transformation and SOUL AWAKENING, a Soul Clearing is a great process that will help cleanse and purify your soul of any low vibration that is holding you back. Sometimes our Ego’s goals and intentions supersede our Higher-self’s goals and intentions, which means we are constantly facing blocks, set-backs and experiencing repeated negative events. A Soul Clearing is a great healing modality that works with integrating the Ego and Higher-self to work as one. A soul clearing is where I tap into the clients energy field daily for 30 days with assistance from Divine guides, Ascended Masters, and the client’s spirit guides with the intention of ascending the clients vibrational state of being.
A journey of ascension is a journey of self discovery and self-work; I am on this journey for eternity, we are all in this together and I will take your hand and help you with yours.
Dana Massat "Founder of Ascend Your Soul


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